The Phoenix Area's Most Qualified Personal Trainer

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"You're a great trainer and a wonderful, fun person. Your great humor keeps us going!!! Best always,
Mary" Scottsdale, age 71

"Jacky has really become my partner in helping me adopt a more healthy lifestyle. She keeps me motivated without being a drill sergeant and pushes me to be my best at every workout. I could feel results confidence. Instead of being afraid ofright away, see results in just a few weeks, and, after six months, everyone is noticing, and commenting, on the change in my body. This year I turned 40, and I was pretty depressed with the way my body looked and how I was feeling about myself. Now, I feel amazing, I have muscles I didn't know were there and have a new feeling of accomplishment and  excursive, I look forward to every workout and seeing how much more I can do. Fitness has become a part of my life, now, and Jacky has made it a great journey!"
Andrea, Scottsdale, age 40
"Thank you for sticking by my side, for never giving up on me and for your friendship." Karri, Glendale

"Your style, approach and personality really work for me and I can tell by how I feel that I had a GREAT work out with you this morning.   I'm looking very forward to ongoing training with you and can't wait for next Thursday!!" 
AT, Phoenix, age 52

"Thank you for all of the support and love during the past year."  Laurie, Phoenix, age 55

Testimonials from Jacky's Clients

"Jacky is just what I needed to get motivated and get myself in shape again. She came up with an exercise training program designed just for me based on my lifestyle and fitness level. I went from not working out at all, sitting all day at an office job, and gaining weight to working out 5-6 days a week and feeling much more energetic. In addition, the nutritional guidance she provided for my husband and I has been great. We are eating healthier, making smarter choices and feeling great. Thank you Jacky!"

                           The Perkins Family

                                North Phoenix

"Since I have been doing strength training consistently twice a week, I have started to feel unbelievably good.  In fact, it struck me the other day that I didn't know how bad I felt until I started feeling really good!  Little things that I used to avoid or put off doing have become incredibly easy."    V, age 70.

Dear Jacky:


I wanted to let you know how much working with you has exceeded my expectations!  Just about a year ago, my previous personal trainer moved out of state and I needed to find a new trainer.  To me, training is a very personal thing and I needed to really “click” with the person I would be doing this work with.  I went online and perused the many, many trainers in the valley and contacted several via email.  Because of your extensive credentials in the health and fitness arena and the professionalism of your website, you were one I contacted.  You responded quickly in a professional and courteous manner, you were knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy and your price seemed fair so I set up a training session with you.  I still had to find out if we’d click!


Fast forward about a year.  Of the three trainers I’ve had in my life, you are by far the most skilled in all aspects of exercise, fitness, health and nutrition.  My body looks better at 50 years old today than it did 10 years ago!  The routines you put me through take work but I can see and feel how superior and effective they are.  When I need motivation, you are there for me in a subtle You are real and sincere.  In fact, I said to my husband the other day, “The thing about Jacky is that she truly cares.  I feel like she honestly cares about me and my health.  And I know she feels that way about her other clients, too.  It’s so unusual and refreshing!”


So, yes, we clicked.  I would recommend your services to anyone who wants to become more healthy in their life.  You are so knowledgeable about all aspects of health and fitness and therefore could tailor a program to fit anyone’s needs.  I am sure happy I found you!




Andrea, Scottsdale, age 50
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