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Exercise Videos

Please visit my channel on YouTube!

In addition to videos about healthy cooking recipes and lectures on health and wellness topics, I also have workout videos on my YouTube channel. I hope you will enjoy them! They are all completely free to watch. One set of videos is called Flourish Flexion, and are my flexibility training program. Flourish Flexion is a combination of Yoga, Pilates, and stretching techniques previously only used with athletes, combined to get you a great stretch while toning up! No equipment needed, and you can do these anywhere in your home or hotel. You are just stretching, but yet you are secretly working your muscles and getting that lean Yoga body! There are four levels, so you can start even as a beginner and work up to the harder ones.

In addition to the Flourish Flexion videos, I also have some aerobic workouts posted on YouTube. These can be done in your home, office, or in your hotel room, so you can get in shape with no equipment or gym fees! There are different levels for these as well, so anyone can try one and work up to the harder ones.

Please kindly become a subscriber to my channel on YouTube, so you will receive an email when new videos are posted (also free). Thanks so much!

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