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Actual Results of Some of Jacky's Clients

                7/12/2010      8/9/2010
                                       7/19/2010        8/9/2010         
Arm:            12.25 in.      12.25 in.                         Arm:          11.5 in.           11 in.
Waist (n):     29.5 in.       28.75 in.                         Waist:       41.5 in.          39.75 in.
Waist (u):   33.25 in.    30.5 in.                          Thigh:        19.25 in.         18.75 in.
Hips:            38 in.          37.25 in.                         Calf:           15.5 in            15 in.
Thigh:          19.5 in.       19.25 in.                          %Body Fat: 27.3              22.6
Calf:             13 in.          12.5 in.                           Lbs BFat:    53.24             41.8
% Body Fat:  40                 27.7                             70-year old man with nerve damage in 
Lbs BFat:      75.6              34.9                             one arm preventing some muscle work.
A 60-year old lady who was already                          He doesn't do much exercise outside of
eating properly and walking regularly,                       training, but is active around the house.
just wanted to add some toning. Please                    Please note that he lost almost 2 inches
note that she lost almost 3 inches in her               around his waist in 21 days! And Jacky
waist in 27 days!                                                 even found a half-eaten box of cookies in
his house...

              7/19/10          8/16/10                                           7/16/10           7/27/10          
Arm:         13.75 in.         13.25 in.                           Arm:        13.75 in.         12.5 in.
Waist (n):  35.75 in.         34.75 in.                          Waist (n):  34.5 in.          33.5 in.
Waist (u): 43.75 in.       38.5 in.                           Waist (u): 39.5 in.        37.5 in.
Hips:         45.5 in.           45.5 in.                            Hips:         46.75 in.        45.75 in.
Thigh:        23 in.             21.75 in.                          Thigh:       23.25 in.        23.25 in.
Calf:          14.25 in.         14.25 in.                          Calf:          16.5 in.          15.75 in.
%Body Fat:   48.5              38.7                              %Body Fat:  33.9             30.1
Lbs BFat:   81.0                 64.6                              Lbs BFat:     63.4             59.6
A 47-year old lady with osteoporosis,                        A 17-year old girl wanting to lose weight,
bursitis and tendonitis in her hip. She                        tone up, and also get stronger and more fit
lost almost 5 inches around her waist!                  for basketball. In 11 days, she lost 2 inches
And this was in less than a month!                        around her waist
! She did change her diet
significantly, eating cheesy quesadillas a lot before,
and then more fruits and vegetables and
salads after we started.

                9/8/08          9/29/08                                                3/31/09             4/28/09               
Arm:         11.5 in.         11.25 in.                            Arm:           11.5 in.              10.5 in.
Waist (n):  33 in.           30.75 in.                            Waist (n):    37.5 in.              34.75 in.
Waist (u):  37 in.           36.25 in.                            Waist (u):    42.5 in.              40.25 in.
Hips:         40 in.           38 in.                                 Hips:           43.5 in.              39.75 in.
Thigh:       20.25 in.       19.5 in.                              Thigh:         20.5 in.              20 in.
Calf:         14.5 in.         14 in.                                 Calf:            13 in.                 13 in.
A 41-year old lady working out with Jacky                  A 30-year old lady wanting to lose baby weight,  
before having cosmetic surgery, including                  having two children, the youngest being about a
a tummy tuck and liposuction around her                  year old. In less than a month, she lost significantly
thighs and mid-section. She lost almost                    around her waist, hips, and even arms and thighs.
three inches around her waist and two inches            This lady also gained 4 inches on a sit-and-reach
around her hips in only 21 days with Jacky.                flexibility test; significantly increased her core
After her surgery; in fact, about three months           strength; had better balance; and went from being
after to allow for healing and for swelling                   able to do 3 push-ups to 13! Jacky always focuses
to subside, she only lost an additional inch                on overall health, including all areas of fitness and
around her hips.                                                     nutrition with every client.

              4/5/10           5/5/10                     
Weight:   153 lbs          160 lbs
Body Fat:  12.2%          6.8%
Lbs Bfat:   18.6            10.9
Lbs LBM:  134.3         149.1
A 16-year old young man wanting to gain muscle
mass and definition. He gained 15 pounds of
muscle in one month! And, we trained very
conservatively and safely in order to be sure
he did not get injured or risk any joint issues.
He was very satisfied with his self-image after
we trained, and felt comfortable at that point
taking a weight-training class at his school.

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