The Phoenix Area's Most Qualified Personal Trainer

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In Home Personal Training For Phoenix

Transform your workout program into a luxurious wellness experience. Jacky, a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist, can help you develop a healthy lifestyle, including all the areas of wellness. 

Take time for yourself. Find that inner energy that you have been missing. Become the best you that you can be so that you can live your best, longest, and happiest life.

No home gym needed. No minimum sessions, no contracts, no hidden fees. Jacky also doesn't tell you to drink shakes, follow starvation or strict diets, or try to sell you supplements. In fact, Jacky believes in enjoying food! You can eat chocolate and drink wine, since Jacky believes these are health foods (when consumed in moderation)!

Consultations are always free. 
Contact Jacky to start improving your well-being today!

Valleywide, the rate per one-hour session in your home is $65. 
Note: You are welcome to train with a friend or loved one at the same time for the same price (so, split the $65 between the number of participants, up to 4). Each personal training session includes a full-body workout, flexibility training, planning of your aerobic exercise program, detailed nutritional discussions and advice, as well as goal setting to help you develop your best self.
                         Or, train in my home for $50 per hour.
I live in Scottsdale, close to the 101 and Chaparral. You are welcome to come to me for personal training. Since you save me the travel time and car expenses, I am happy to offer a lower rate. The same Note applies from above-- if you include a friend or family member who trains at the same time as you, you split the cost.
                         Not in the Phoenix area?
Please visit my page about Fitness Coaching. I can train you anywhere!
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