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Personalized Fitness Coaching
You can work with Jacky, any time, any where! Jacky can help keep you motivated and on track, both with fitness and nutrition, even if you don't live in the Phoenix area. Many options are available, and an individualized service plan can be easily created.

Fitness Coaching:
Jacky creates your workout program and sends your workouts to you in the format that works best for you. Her favorite option is to record a video and send it through a YouTube link, but can also send a Word document by email, or send it in an email or text message, etc. Your workouts are sent once a week (this can be upgraded if desired, for an additional cost). You start with a FaceTime or Skype phone call, so Jacky can see you "in person" and get to know you and your body better. No templates, or lower-quality trainers creating your program like other sites! Jacky limits the number of people she coaches, so she can ensure she has appropriate time and attention to you. This is a great way to get your own personal trainer, one of the best, at the most affordable rates! Jacky's Fitness Coaching also includes reaching her if you have questions during the week, by email, Facebook message, or text message.

  • 4 Weeks of Fitness Coaching = $128 ($32 per week)
  • 8 Weeks of Fitness Coaching = $240 ($30 per week-- $16 savings)
Money Back Guarantee: Refund guaranteed for any unused portion of your purchase; so, you can stop any time and be refunded for any unused weeks. Must be cancelled in advance of receipt of that week's workouts. The day your workouts will be sent will be arranged ahead of time, so that you will know in advance.

Combine Fitness Coaching with In-Home Personal Training
Do you live in the Phoenix area? If so, combine in-person training with fitness coaching to make personal training affordable for you! One session a month, combined with Fitness Coaching, is a great way to still have the personal contact with Jacky, but yet still work out on your own, with Jacky's guidance, between in-person sessions. 
  • 4 Weeks of Fitness Coaching plus One In-Home Session: $190 (additional $3 savings!)
  • 8 Weeks of Fitness Coaching plus Two In-Home Sessions: $375 (additional $5 savings!)

Nutritional Counseling:
Jacky can create customized meal plans for you, completely personalized for you. Based on your goals, and your likes and dislikes, Jacky can create easy-to-follow diet plans for you, even if you have special dietary needs (heart healthy, vegan, vegetarian, organic, processed-free, low-sodium, etc). Jacky believes that eating healthy should be easy, fast, and, most 
importantly, delicious! Her meal plans include a shopping list and preparation instructions. 
  • Initial Consultation/Set-Up: $100
  • Weekly Service: $100

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